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Bruce Joshua

Bruce Joshua is the Founder and President of Capstan Consulting, with extensive experience in development, sports, recreation, and education. His journey has allowed him to offer his skills to enhance his professional environment and those he serves. As a proud dad of two beautiful girls and loving husband to his beautiful wife, Bruce is excited to chat with you and explore how he can help you achieve your goals.



Get to Know Us

Allow me to introduce the Capstan, a device steeped in history yet relatively unknown to many. For centuries, it has dutifully served fishermen and sailors alike. This early form of technology facilitated hauling boats (loaded with fish and gear) ashore and securing them from the power of the ocean. By attaching a rope to the core of the Capstan, placing a pole/log through the hole near the center, and turning it using muscle power in a circular path, it significantly lightened the load and made the job possible. Brilliant! Yet simple.

At Capstan Consulting, we take pride in our ability to harness the collective strengths of both organizations and individuals. This is achieved through tailored activities encompassing reflection, professional development, training, and learning initiatives designed to meet the unique needs of our valued clients.

Drawing upon my extensive background in community development, sports and recreation, as well as education, I have established a robust foundation from which I continue to foster my professional growth. This journey enables me to offer my skills in the pursuit of enhancing professional environments and the lives of those I serve.

It is both an honor and a source of great excitement to connect with passionate individuals spanning Atlantic Canada and beyond. I am profoundly grateful for the invaluable learning experiences and connections that I have forged and cultivated on this platform. I have had the privilege of learning alongside many exceptional and inspiring individuals, and in turn, have been fortunate enough to extend my assistance to others.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for all your past contributions to my ongoing journey of learning. I eagerly anticipate the prospect of many more fruitful interactions. Allow the Capstan to be your partner in leveraging the strengths of both yourself and your team members and partners.

Kind regards,



St. Francis Xavier University

Master of Education (M.Ed.), Educational Leadership, Concentration in Mental Health


University of New Brunswick

Master of Education (M.Ed), Curriculum et enseignement


Maitrise en Education, Administration scolaire

Université de Moncton


Université de Moncton

Baccalauréat, Enseignement d'éducation physique et d'entrainement

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