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Capstan Consulting Ltd. provides research, coaching, development, and training in the areas of strategic planning, professional development, employee retention and engagement, healthy workplace culture, leadership, and team-building (belonging). 

What Our Clients Say

Bruce is a great friend and colleague. He is one of the most ethical, self-disciplined, and driven people I have ever met. The passion he has for his work to be impactful shows up in the methodical intensity in which he approaches every project. I highly recommend working with him.

Michelle Hurlburt, Director-founder at 3Dlife Inc. 

Je connais Bruce Joshua depuis de nombreuses années et c'est une personne intègre et très compétent. Il a également une approche intéressante dans son travail en engageant les personnes autour de lui ou qui suivent des formations dans le processus. Il est un leader rassembleur qui motive les collaboratrices et les collaborateurs dans des solutions innovantes et qui sont durables.
Enfin, c'est une personne qui est exigeant pour lui-même et amène les autres à être exigeants pour eux-mêmes.

Jean-Guy Vienneau, Consultant chez JGV consultants Inc. 

So pleased to see Bruce's passion and intellect at work here, supporting various partners and projects. It was a pleasure to learn alongside Bruce, and work with him on a couple of projects related to mental health literacy. He is timely, thoughtful, serious but also fun-loving, insightful, and wise. He is extremely well-read, has tremendous breadth and depth of experience, and expresses his feelings and thoughts in helpful ways. Bruce leans in, allowing himself be vulnerable in the best sense, and connects with people. There's a "realness" to Bruce that is special to find, and connect with. I highly recommend!

Chris Gilham, Associate Professor (St. Francis Xavier University)

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